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The "La Boveda" ("the vault") is on 25-6-2004 of the renowned catering trade leader 2005 as the best spanish restaurant in Frankfurt (place 1) judged and this already shortly after its opening in April 2000 Frankfurt goes out!

Frankfurt geht aus! 2005:

"... the Tapas plate is a force for experts. Finding on this: Everything very appetisingly and savourily prepares Boquerones in Vinagre, Manchego cheese, Jamon Pata Negra, Ensalada de Marisco, gamba Plancha, Calamares Fritos, courgettes au gratin with goat cheese."

"... We examine the sea residents at the fresh fish bar: Edible crab, sole, Dorade, Loup of the mer."

"... a food which is generally high-quality and prepared originally is served. The rump steak melts butter softly on the tongue, this one sauce reached to it tickles the taste nerves in an original way. Is same necessary it to report lamb fillet in pastry of this."

"... The rest of the company at table dumps a Hierbas, stirring self-made herb schnapps, for the end. Salutes!"

Spain (rank 1) Seafood (rank 5)

F.A.Z. - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
from Sunday, 15.10.2007

"In the cellar little delicacies for every taste"

"... What would be the Spanish cooking without Tapas, the small mouthfuls for in between times which are less meal than attitude to life, which do not make replete but rather shall activate the appetite? And one may only stationarily strictly speaking consume these at a bar actually?"

"... Adolfo offers a variety of the delicacies with 19 of these little dishes. One can of course eat himself repletely in the La Boveda of good conscience to Tapas. Who the stomach fills too early, a whole crowd escapes this but himself."

"... The lamb fillet in pastry was fried particularly excellently and on the point. The meat with its marvellous own taste passed on the tongue and was a great pleasure with the 93s Siglo Reserva."

"... Who sets out into the La Boveda should bring time, though. Not approximately because service and kitchen would be particularly slow but because the guests like to have to be left and to spoil himself longer. This contradicts strictly speaking the Tapas ritual: One goes namely from a bar to the next one in Spain."

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