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SALAD / Ensaladas
Tomato salad with red onions and basil
Ensalada de tomate con cebolla roja y albahaca
7,50 €
Variety of Seasonal Salad
Ensalada mixta temporada
5,50 €
Spanish Salad
wih tuna, goats milk cheese and olives (Ensalada Espanola)
9,50 €
Basque Salad
with sheep’s cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumber (spicy)
8,50 €
Andalusian Salad with avocado and shrimps
Ensalada andalucia con Aguacate i Gambas
11,50 €
SOUP / Sopas
Garlic Soup with Sherry
Sopa de Ajo con Sherry
7,50 €
Fish Soup
Sopa de Pescado
12,50 €
Soup of fresh Vegetabes with Chicken
Sopa de Verdura con Pollo
7,50 €
TAPAS (cold)
Potato salad with tuna and eggs
4,00 €
Pimientos Asados
Marinated peppers
5,50 €
Salpicon de Marisco
Seafood salad
6,50 €
Boquerones in Vinagre
Marinated anchovies
4,50 €
Mejillones à la Vinagretta
Mussels in vinaigrette
3,50 €
Garbanzos con Vinagretta y Menta
Chickpeas in vinaigrette and mint
4,50 €
TAPAS (warm)
Small potato omelette, weakly changed
4,00 €
Pimiento Padron a la Saison
Fried peppers with sea salt
5,50 €
Papas Bravas
Diced baked potato in a spicy sauce
4,00 €
Enpanada Gallega
Pastry parcel with various fillings, weekly changed
4,50 €
Zucchini rolls / Calabacin
mwith goat cheese
6,00 €
Mini meat balls
5,50 €
Almondigas de Spinaca en Salsa de Queso
Spinach balls in a cheese sauce, dates
5,00 €
Queso de Obeja à la garbadia
Goat’s cheese baked au gratin
5,50 €
Croquetas de Pollo
Chicken croquettes
4,50 €
Cordonices à la Ajillo
Quail cooked in garlic
6,00 €
Pollo la Ajillo
Chicken cooked in garlic
5,00 €
Dátiles con Bacon
Dates with bacon
5,50 €
Chorizo à la sidra
Fried, spicy chorizo sausage
5,50 €
Champignon relle nos con carne y manchego
Stuffed mushrooms with minced meat and Manchego cheese
7,00 €
Pincho de Pulpo
Skewered octopus with potatoes
7,50 €
Pincho de Moruno
Spicy lamb skewer
6,50 €
Pata Negra Cured Ham
Jamon Pata Negra
18,50 €
Serrano Cured Ham
Jamon Serrano
10,00 €
Baked Anchovis with Aioli
Boquerones fritos con Aioli
8,00 €
Shrimps in Garlic
Gambas al Ajillo
11,50 €
Grilled Shrimps
Gambas plancha
11,50 €
Zucchini au gratin with goats milk cheese
Calabacin con queso de cabra gratinado
9,50 €
Stuffed Champignons with mince, au gratin with Manchego-cheese
Champignones gratinados rellenos con Carne y queso
7,00 €
Grilled Quail in Garlic
Codornices à la Parilla
6,00 €
Grilled Sepia
Sepia à la plancha
10,00 €
Fried Calamares
Calamares fritos
9,00 €
Pulpo a la Gallega
18,50 €
FISH / Pescado
Grilled Salmon
with horseradish on a leaf of spinach
21,50 €
Fillet of Salmon
in seafood sauce
23,50 €
Grilled Medallion of Monkfish
with mashed potatoes and vegetables
26,50 €
Poached Monkfish
with prawns and a shellfish sauce
32,00 €
Plate with a Variety of grilled Fish
Parrillada de Pescado
29,50 €
Grilled Giant Shrimps
Langostinos, grilled
28,50 €
Prawns poached in Albariño
with cherry tomatoes and basil, spicy
29,50 €
Zarzuela de Pescado y Marisco, min 2 Pers.,
Spanish speciality with a variety of noble fish and seafood, served with a sauce of white wine,
cognac and saffron
each 29,50 €
MEAT / Carne
Veal steak«
with crust of goat cheese and wild mushrooms
22,50 €
Argentinian Rumpsteak à la Rioja
in a red wine sauce with shallots and garlic (Entrecote Riojana)
23,50 €
Argentinian Rumpsteak from the grill
with roasted peppers, Provencal tomatoes and and rosemary potatoes
23,50 €
Grilled Fillet of Beef
Solomillo a la parrilla
28,50 €
Fillet of Beef with a pepper sauce
Solomillo a la pimienta
28,50 €
Roast Saddle of Lamb
medium-roasted with a herbed crust in a Rioja red wine sauce
26,50 €
Grilled Lampchops with garlic butter
Chuletas de cordero al gril con Manteca de Ajo
23,50 €
TRADITIONAL / Platos Tradicionales
Paella Negra, min 2 Pers.
mit Meeresfrüchten und Schalentieren
each 21,00 €
Paella Valenciana, min 2 Pers.
Spanish rice dish with chicken, meat, seafood an saffron
each 21,00 €
Paella de Marisco, min 2 Pers.
Spanish rice dish with noble fish, seafood and saffron
each 24,50 €
Fideuà, min 2 Pers.
with seafood and chicken (Catalonian pasta dish))
each 19,00 €
Chicken with garlic
Pollo al Ajillo
each 16,50 €
Chicken Breast Fillet
with a herbal sherry-sauce (Pechuga de Pollo Sevillana)
17,00 €
Rabbit à la Spain
Conejo a la Española
23,50 €
Pisto Manchego
Vegetable specialty baked with Manchego cheese (Pechuga de Pollo Sevillana)
15,00 €
stuffed with sheep’s cheese, tomato ragout and buckwheat
16,00 €
Vegetarian Paella, min 2 Pers.
Spanisches Reisgericht mit Huhn, Fleisch, Meeresfrüchten und Safran
je 15,00 €
with sweet potatoes, shallots and herbal sour cream
14,50 €
DESSERTS / Postres
Creme Caramel (Flan)
6,50 €
Creme Katalana
Crema Catalana
7,00 €
Variation of Mousse
Variacion de mousse
7,50 €
Exotic Fruit Salad
with sliced almonds, yoghurt and Licor 43
8,50 €
8,50 €
Manchego Cheese
Queso Manchego
9,50 €
Mixed Plate with Cheese
Plado de quesos variados
14,00 €

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